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tilting pad thrust bearing theory

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JET Equipment & Tools at the phone number on the cover of this manual. Model PD-LK-1 On-Off Switch Padlock. Introduction. This manual is provided by WMH Tool Group covering the safe operation and maintenance procedures for Models JJ-6CSX, JJ-6CSDX and JJ-6HHDX Jointers. This manual contains instructions on.
JJ. J. BHB. BH. BB. B. NHN. NH. NN. N. JHN. IN. BHN. BN. KV. JV. LV. NV. BV. KBV. Symbols for Standard Assemblies. Horizontal and Vertical. NOTE: "H" as part of symbol means that separate collar (Figure 3) is furnished by us. "6" or "3" means shoes on one side only of collar. "6 x 6," etc., means shoes on both sides.
Motor Assembly (E)). Light Plate Screw. Qty . 3. (preassembled to. Light Kit Plate (L)). Closemount Screw. Qty . 3. + 1 extra. AA. EE. BB. FF. CC. GG. KK. JJ. II. DD. HH 6. SAFETY INFORMATION. CAUTION: Read all instructions and safety information before installing your new fan . Review the.
The Oil Control Ring-What ft Does. Oil Control Ring Bearings. Two-Collar Type Bearings . Cage Type Thrust Bearings. One-Way Thrusts . Vertical Turbine Thrusts . . Lubrication and Cooling . Symbols for Standard Designs. Journal Bearings. Spare Parts . . Data Needed for Inquiries. Standard Guarantee. J. 6. 7. 7. IO. 11. 12.
USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES Consult the operator's manual for recommended accessories. The use If 230V, single phase operation is desired, the following instructions must be followed: I 1. .. The JET JJ—6CSX woodworking jointer you have purchased is a high quality machine tool that will give you years
Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to your retailer, call our customer. service department at 1-800-643-0067, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., EST, Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.,. EST, Friday. EB13357. KINGSBURY CEILING FAN. Purchase Date